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Chapter 28: Complete EBC Packing List.

Where to start? How much underwear do I take? How many wipes, toilet roles and packets of tissues will I need for my 12 day trek? My joints ache when my clothes are too heavy so which brand do I look for? No showers and only 5 shirts, 5 pairs of socks ... what? a sheep that produces antibacterial wool and keeps clothes odourless? I had a lot of questions regarding clothing and quantity before my Everest Base Camp trek, as this was my first trek above 3500m. The gear I chose was top-spec, I had to go for the lightest to accommodate my joints. I did 6 month's research and it all came down to this lists. I will not change a thing and the brands I used were amazing, not only the quality and reliability, but when it comes to warmth, odourlessness and support, they were fantastic and lived up to their promises.

With my EDS I can honestly say that all these brands helped a great deal due to the fact that they were probably the lightest on the market. For anyone with joint issues or hypermobility, these are not the cheapest options but products I swear by. I am always happy to help and discuss or give advice, feel free to contact me.

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