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Everest, here I come.

EVEREST BASE CAMP – A Zebra at Altitude 4th October 2019 Diary entry:

I am packed and ready to go. A duffle bag for 21 days and it can only weigh 10kg (20 lbs) when I get on the small plane to Lukla in a few days. My gear and clothes took months of research as it had to be the lightest to accommodate my joints. Cube packing was the way forward, it also helped to be slightly OCD lol. (Packing list in the menu bar)

Saying goodbye to my husband and 10-year-old was hard but this was my journey to complete. A year of training for this trek was vital in every way - for some it may sound excessive, but in my case, I have joints that can dislocate at any time so preparing for this 130km trek at an altitude of 5364m / 17 598ft was a no-brainer. It has always been my dream to see Everest with my own eyes, but over the years, I lost sight of my own dreams. Being diagnosed with EDS made me realize that I had abandoned my dreams because life got in the way. However, I had a dream, and it was finally becoming a reality.

I documented my entire journey, from diagnosis to training, along with the ups and downs, to raise awareness for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and to also inspire women, whether you are career-focused, mothers, grandmothers, widowed, divorced, or single, to dream big and still make those dreams come true. Your life matters!

... to be continued

Snippets from my EBC diary - Janettie Wucherpfennig

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