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"Places to be, people to meet..."

Finally we can say that again. In my case the places to be aren't so much the shops or restaurants, people to meet for more MRI’s, Dexa scans, ultrasounds and x-rays. I am very used to this by now and I find it very intriguing to learn more about my anatomy (or how different it is). The outcome and answers aren't always nice to hear at these places, but I love meeting new people that can help and guide me. Every bit of new information can potentially lead to a better quality of life.

Today's venture was with a podiatrist to figure out why a specific bone in my foot keeps dislocating - although dislocating is very common in hypermobility EDS, it is vital to establish exactly where the problem area is so that the muscles surrounding it can be strengthened with physio and exercise where possible. This annoying little bugger in my left foot has been bugging me since the age of 12, like with most of my sports injuries, life goes on and I’ve learnt to live with it dislocating and correcting itself over the years but enough is ENOUGH.

I obviously looked like a canvas to Dr Drew but honestly, after most examinations I can be auctioned off as a Picasso. Life as a zebra - dazzling.

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